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Weird isn’t it, you are getting married and EVERYONE has an opinion, do this, do that, this is good, ignore so and so…

They will even tell you (if you have the audacity to say you want something to happen) that you are being a “bridezilla!”.  How mean is that!?  So, here are a few pointers for you qualified by the very fact that we have been through this over 300 times, probably more than most people and by the fact that in virtually every case, we were there from preps to the party, we have seen most of it.

The basics, how the day flows:

You get ready, you turn up for the wedding, your partner is there waiting, you get married, you have some photographs with other people there, you chat and laugh, you eat food, you relax until the evening guests turn up, you chat and laugh some more, you dance until your feet hurt whilst having a drink or two and eventually, you leave the party and that’s it!

So, after that basic break down, what else is there?  For some, they only see a few parts of that day, the hairdresser and makeup artist only see the getting ready.  The registrars or officiants only get to see the ceremony, the venue sees quite a lot, especially if you are getting ready at the venue, married there, eating there and partying there, otherwise, they see maybe a ceremony and almost certainly a wedding breakfast.  Now for the important message that us photographers have for you.  We are the only people other than yourselves who experience your day WITH you, who pay attention to the details the way you will, who remember the day as you do because we see the squabbles, the almost happened, the fails, the succcesses…

What the heck does all that mean… well here’s a little insight for you.  As what we do is SO emotive, and so involved, we get to know you, we become friends during our chats and meets prior to the main event and then on the day, we are the ones who interact with you more than anyone else so we see when someone has upset another guest, we know if something hasn’t been done to your specifications and at times, we help pick up those pieces, we get your hair re-done and advise on whether it will hold for the day.  We are often confided in by our couples for advice about makeup strength, how to hold a bouquet, the best way to handle the wedding dress etc…

We have been asked by a bride recently to please tell the venue that they would like to sit down now please… could they have drinks, could someone find them canapes… and so on.

So, we are privileged, delighted and happy to be your photographers, it’s not just a point and click engagement most of the time though we are happy to be as involved as YOU want us to be.  Now, a few tips for you to make your day run incredibly smoothly…  this is important stuff 🙂

1.  Make sure you are ready before you think you need to be… add in time for us to leave you 20 minutes before you even think about leaving because we need to be with your partner half an hour before you get married.  This means in basic terms, if you are getting married at 12:00 midday, we need to be with your partner at 11:30… factor in any travelling time if you aren’t getting ready at the place you are being married and then add in 30-45 minutes before that to be ready or you won’t have any photographs of you looking pristine in your wedding dress that many bridesmaids parents etc haven’t yet seen.  How else can we do a big reveal photograph if they have seen it already?!  The bridal portraits don’t happen super quickly, you need to feel right about it and that takes a few minutes to be relaxed into it 🙂  In other words, hair and makeup first for you, as long as you can get into your dress, if your bridesmaids aren’t quite finished, we can do their photographs later, yours should be the most important.

2. Eat something, again, if you are getting married at 12:00, you aren’t going to be fed again typically for four hours… with the adrenalin, tension and excitement, that is going to seem like forever!!!

3.  Confetti, not everywhere allows confetti but if they say no to that, you can almost guarantee they will allow bubbles.. only do this if your dress isn’t silk or satin as the bubbles will mark those materials where they wont mark cotton or lace.

4. Groups, the groups are the dullest bit of the day for everyone at your wedding but they are important so we get them done in double quick time.  We will have asked you during one of our earlier chats who to go to for help in gathering your groups so it should run super fast.

5. Unplugged, we have done a few weddings recently that were unplugged – some completely as in, nobody take photographs please, we are paying someone to do this and don’t want anyone else’s photographs appearing online of our wedding and some half unplugged with a simple, please don’t post anything until we say you can, we want our professional photographs to be the first ones people see!!!  We will do what YOU want, it’s YOUR day.  The only caveat we have on that is that it’s really difficult to photograph past an ipad that’s been thrust into the aisle as you are doing your first kiss!!! (We actually photographed the iPad as we couldn’t see past it with it’s cover hanging down!).

6. FUN, your day is supposed to be emotional and fun and friendly, we want to be a part of the fun, so we will get those laughing shots, we know how to anticipate the moments and make the shot.

7.  It’s about you but NOT about us, we are there to capture what YOU want us to.  If that’s fully reportage, staying in the background, not intervening, not setting up anything or adjusting anything, we can do that… if you want elegant though, please allow us those little adjustments because unless you are a model, you are not necessarily going to know how to hold your partner to make things look natural yet beautiful.  We don’t man-handle people and it’s just a word here and there but it makes SUCH a difference.  If you want to know how we do it, have a chat with us, two photographs in 20 seconds and you will understand.

8. How soon do we see our images… well, most couples find time for a two week honeymoon so we aim to have edited images for you to see within two weeks.  Sometimes we can do it faster if you are only away for a week and now and then, we are given a reprieve when a couple go on honeymoon for three weeks!  It doesn’t take us more than two weeks, so if you are ready for it, we are ready for you!

9.  Airbrushing images… we will, where it makes sense, but we shoot properly to start with, we avoid exit signs and fire extinguishers if we can… we advise you on how to stand for the most slimming shot to start with (it’s fun too) so our editing is in enhancement more often than correction.  It’s about being a good photographer, if we had to take 3000 photographs to get 500 good ones, we wouldn’t class that as a good photographer.  Equally, if we supply you with 800 images because we can’t choose the best that will make you go wow, we am not good photographers… I will select the very best from the bunch the images that you will love, will go wow to, will want on your wall, as your backdrop and to show all your friends.  We LOVE weddings and what we do, our clients tell us that it shows.

10.  Albums, we will produce albums, based on your selection of images and to our design.  We use quality providers typically based in the UK but if you would prefer an Italian or Polish album instead, we can do that.  Normally though, we select on the companies ability to provide us with consistently stunning production according to our colour brief and exacting standards.


We hope all this has been of interest and if you would like to have two incredibly passionate photographers be a part of your day, please give us a nudge 🙂

Paul and Jacs
Studio Cwtch.


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