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Paul – QGoP, Certified Photographer of the Academy
Member of the Master Photographers Association

You know, some people think writing things about themselves in the third person makes it seem more… legitimate as though it’s someone else writing good things about them and that it will be more believable. Well, I am happy to say that I am a good photographer! I think my work speaks for itself, I don’t feel shy about it, but proud to have achieved so much. If you want a brief insight into my life of photography carry on reading. If you want to read the things that other people really have said about Jacs and I, check out our testimonial page instead.

I started in photography at the age of 13, I had very carefully saved up a bunch of my earnings from helping on my parents farm. My first SLR camera was a Zenit-E, it had a fairly basic light-meter interchangeable lenses and otherwise was completely manual. We didn’t even have autofocus!

Obviously (knowing we didn’t have autofocus) you must realize that I shot on film, 35mm in those early days, mostly black and white (it was a lot cheaper and I could process it myself). I had a darkroom built in an out-house and used to thrive on creating the impossible shot! People in bottles, my cousin stood on my brothers hand and more.

Much of my early photography was of things rather than people – things were easier to work with for a young relatively shy lad. Still, the bug had bitten and my dream camera was a Nikon, it was 8 years before I was in a position to get one but my love for imagery, (still predominantly black and white) had a new burst of energy. I had friends who were enthusiast photographers too, we reveled in getting the night shot, capturing those stunning twilight moments where the sky turned to ink awash with ribbons of light.

At the point that I improved my camera to something starting to attain the quality I expected, my career in the world of computing took off. I scaled the heights of computer programming and progressed to the lofty position of a management consultant. After a lucky break being made redundant by a massive consultancy house after the collapse of much industry in the wake of September 11th, I started to look to back to the things I loved. I had time on my hands and an opportunity ahead of me.

I am delighted to say that through my partner’s (Jacs) parents (Fantastic Wedding Photographers in their own right) and with their encouragement and support, I moved across to pursue my passion eight years ago. For me, it was the smartest move of my business life.

I work with Jacs to create amazing Wedding Images. We base our style on fashion, creating iconic images in everyday situations, capturing every emotion from the day and every detail. We exploit our skills in Fashion, Portrait and Commercial photography to make your day simple, your images exceptional and your memories perfectly preserved.

Jacs – B.Ed Art Hons
Member of the Master Photographers Association

I just like wedding cake and it seemed the best way to get invited to the most weddings in a year! lol!

Seriously… with Mum and Dad being photographers, I grew up with it. I dabbled in the age of film, setting up a darkroom at A-Level but digital is definitely the way to go and has opened out photography for me in a huge way. Having completed four years in Art, Design and Education, and rebelling against Mum and Dad, I went into teaching. Though I love the children, the artistic side of me was a little stifled.

Meeting Paul and going through his redundancy, with Mum and Dad’s encouragement, away we went with StudioCwtch and it’s Wedding Cake most weekends – happy days!

What a great job being able to take part in one of the happiest days in a person’s life! Yes there are stresses involved; you have to get the shot and there is only the one opportunity… but the smiley faces around you make it worthwhile and between us we get the shot in the bag.

Website Update – Oh my word I really need to update my picture! Isn’t it always the way though that working in the photographic industry I rarely take pictures of myself!

Anyway… I found a way to get more cake! We now also have the absolute joy and privilege to photograph new little lives (usually under 10 days old) and I have the absolute honour of being one of the first few to give these little babes a cwtch whilst capturing them in their super cute curly phase.
Where does the cake come into that I hear you cry; well that’s a year later at their first birthday Cake Smash – awesome fun and left over cake!

Oh and then there’s the Christening – also involving cake!



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