Your Beautiful Bump

A chance to remember this unique time in your life and shape of your body – before the chaos ensues!

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Not long now…

This time, though it seems to take an age, will be just a memory soon enough… the love that grows with the size of your bump doesn’t last forever so grab this chance, this one chance to capture the gorgeousness that is your bump. Just knowing that the touches, the words of comfort, the wiggles and hiccups (yup, bumps often get hiccups) are going to be recorded forever for you to look back on is amazing!

We love this part of a pregnancy shoot, the bump looks amazing, and knowing that soon you are going to be holding your baby in your arms is just lovely. It’s a massive privilege for us to be included in these moments and we can’t wait to see you and ultimately meet your bump in the outside world too!!!

Cherish every second!



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Speak soon :)