Couples Photography

An engagement shoot, a special anniversary, or ‘just because’ – love is great and we love capturing it!

Couples Photography

Its awesome you found us… and thanks for having a look around our website 🙂

We would LOVE to have a chance to photograph you and your significant other (it’s so tricky these days to know what term to use) lol…  Our time with our couples whether same sex or opposites gives us a chance to get to know you a little and to understand what you would like from a couples shoot.

So what type of opportunities are there… all sorts really… but we tend to do shots of varying styles…
So what types are there…

Engagement shoots…

kind of speak for themselves… it’s a chance to have a relaxed photoshoot with that person you are going to marry.  Part of the reason for doing this might be that you have a fear or phobia of photography… this is a great way to get past that and to be able to get through something dressed in simple jeans and a top.

We can take you through ways to hold yourself (and each other) that will feel very natural but will look amazing in a photograph!

So, relax… we have you… you are in incredibly safe and very experienced hands.

Just because shoots…

These are the ones that are about… a moment in time… maybe for another significant time together, an anniversary, special birthday etc.

Once again, you can relax with us… we can make your shoot either a studio or location shoot, the options are all yours. Again, it’s relaxed, very natural and will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Calvin Kline Experience

With this type of shoot, its a combo of underwear and an imagination.  A gorgeous hotel suite and a chance to create something special.  It is slightly more adventurous but the end result is stunning… we have done many of these and we know exactly how to shoot them to get something steamy but not cheap.

Classy is our cause and we will do everything in our power to make you comfortable, to have a whole lot of fun and in the process create something that you will love for ever 🙂


Couples Testimonials

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With a couples shoot, you have various options, this page describes what those are 🙂 Click here


If you would like to have us do a couples shoot for you or have any questions about how a photosession runs, either fill in the form or call us on the number below.
If you would like to email, we do our level best to respond within 24 hours.

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