Clearwell Castle Wedding Photography

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This is just a very small selection of images from Clearwell Castle… it’s a stunning castle hotel.  It’s light and airy and feels incredibly classy!

Have a quick look at these images…

Pencoed House Estate Wedding Photography

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This venue is one that lures you in with a gorgeous tree lined driveway, the main location for the wedding is in a converted stone built barn at the back of the property, it’s just beautiful, they have a wedding licence so you can get ready there and get married there if you wish.

Check out a few of the shots here 🙂

Hensol Castle Weddings

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Hensol Castle Wedding Photographer

A little bit about weddings at Hensol Castle…

Here are just a couple of images from a Hensol Castle Wedding… a beautiful couple in a stunning location.

I thought we would show you how it looks in bright daylight and how fantastic it also looks at night hence the fabulous images below… (Check out the shadows of the couple to the left in the night shot :))

Enjoy our Hensol Castle Wedding Photography 🙂 and if you want to talk to us… just click the link and visit our main site here: Studio Cwtch Weddings


Images of Hensol Castle

Hensol Castle Wedding Photograph

Night shot at Hensol Castle

Hensol Castle Photograph

The front view of Hensol Castle











If you are having a castle style wedding, just give us a call to chat about your day!


Oh and a shameless google search help thingy… Hensol Castle Wedding Photographer – Just one of our favourite venues.

For more stunning wedding images from other favourite venues, check out our main site : Studio Cwtch Weddings




A very English wedding.

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Leigh Park Hotel Wedding Photography

This is such a stunning venue, even on a cold wet(ish) day, it had loads to offer.  We barely touched the inside as we had the opportunity to use the gardens and the structures there.  Had the rain stayed away more, we would have used the walkways and paths too!

If you get a chance to check out this lovely venue, just remember the photographs we have here and if you want to see more, give us a call or visit our main wedding photography page here: Studio Cwtch Weddings


Making memories for this lovely family a second time around (different daughter though).



Ah you know what… here’s the google bit… the easiest way to find us hence the creation of these bits at the bottom of our posts is by searching for Cardiff wedding photographer.

Cardiff is where we are based but that doesn’t mean we won’t travel (clearly) as the above images are taken just to the East of Bath, a gorgeous city!

Finally a chance to update…

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Wedding Photographer Cardiff

What we are doing – New Photography Style

I hope you all get a chance to look around our site… things are all changing, starting to reflect the design that has gone into our brochure, our other web-presence and our stand for when we are at a wedding fayre.

We love the photography world, we love weddings and we love the way people react to the gorgeous wedding photography that we produce.

You know, it’s not just a passion, it’s a lifestyle, weddings photographers the world over will tell you how exciting each wedding is, every one is different and for us, the challenge on the day is to find the right balance of capturing beautiful images and working with your personality.

We don’t want every wedding to look the same, to be run of the mill, to be about the photography even!!! We want each and every wedding to be about capturing your style, your moments and those of your guests.

Hope to speak soon, to find out more about YOU, more about what makes you happy and more about what YOU want for YOUR day!


Paul and Jacs – the Cwtchy Studio!

Wedding Photographer Hensol Castle

Hensol Castle Wedding Photography


Interfit – a photographers dream…

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We do try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to having the right kit for the right job.  This year, instead of carting more lights than we need around with us, we decided to consolidate and get the right lights to do virtually everything we could want.  After a LOT of research and checking, we landed upon the new Interfit S1 system.  Currently the only system to have been built to run on both battery and power via a dedicated system.  They come with a commander module so you can run the lights from your camera and they have already been worth the investment.

Check out a random couple of diverse photographs to see what we mean…

KJ0_1042 copy



I did say they were random lol.

See you soon, oh and check out our new pricing structure for weddings… we think it might be revolutionary! Investment Menu

Fluffy little people… or Dog Photography

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Dog Photography – I know, it’s not something we do or specialise in!

I know, it’s a funny title… but these little ladies were just delightful, so full of character and so loving! We just grabbed an opportunity after a commercial photoshoot training session when a black backdrop was in place. These little ones were photographed with just one light (it’s actually all we had with us) and the results speak for themselves.

It’s a fabulous business, photography, you get to meet some of the nicest folk… their owners are pretty special peeps too!




I guess I should be more google aware, hence creating these little bits of info… but when you go looking for us, try searching for Cardiff Wedding Photographer please 🙂

Wedding Fayre at Old Post House, St Fagans, Cardiff

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Wedding Fayre – Old Post House, St Fagans

What a fabulous evening… we had fun, the guests who came to see us were just lovely.  Feedback on our new logo and branding gave us something to smile about!

If you did pop by and see us, thank you!  You made our evening worthwhile just by speaking to us and allowing us a few minutes of your precious time.

We can’t thank the family at Old Post House enough for their attention to details, and friendliness… it’s a bit weird having so many people invade your space and set up to display what they can do.  You made our visit with you today an absolute pleasure and we can’t wait to see a lot more of you over the coming months and years.

Just a little nudge to those who did pop by… if you want any (and we mean any) information about the wedding marketplace or want to ask for help in sourcing suppliers for any genre of wedding work, give us a call, let’s have a coffee and a chat.

Take care all,

See you soon,

Paul and Jacs

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029 2056 5076

Ok, so you found this post… now here’s a bit of google stuff, hence creating this entire mini section.  Please feel free to search for us using the tags Cardiff Wedding Photographer – that would be awesome!

Oh yes and a link back to our main wedding page on the site is: Studio Cwtch Weddings