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Two of us + Two of you = Together we see both sides of your story.

'Oh my gosh, you're getting married - congratulations!

We love weddings, the buzz, the excitement, the love... After all our years of photographing weddings we still feel that with you and will capture every nuance of your day in professionally beautiful images.

We appreciate that you are trusting us with your big day but you can rest at ease that your trust is in good hands. Whilst no wedding is the same, that's part of the joy of our job, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will be there, in the right place at the right time (and usually carrying your bouquet!). You can relax and have confidence in our training, experience and abilities. As much as no two weddings are the same, no two wedding photography commissions are the same either!

Weddings can be a stressful time but we promise that your photography won't be any part of that! Ask anyone we've worked with and they will all say that stress isn't in our vocabulary - we'll be your little oasis of calm!

As a couple we work extremely quickly and efficiently so as a couple you can spend as much time with your guest as possible! We've all been to a wedding where the Bride and Groom are whisked away just after the ceremony and only reappear for food! Unless this is what you request?!! we can assure you this will not happen with us! We have the group shots down to a fine art and with a bit of prior organisation we usually nail them in under 20 minutes. (Currently the time to beat is 8 minutes but we can't take full credit because of a military Bestman and a primary teacher Maid of Honour!) And with your romantic couples shoots we aim for two 10 minute sessions in different locations. This is where the benefit of having the two of us comes in because we can get twice as many images in half the time!

And on the subject of the couples shoot - we don't do posey posey but we do make sure the light is perfect and that your dress is beautiful. We guide from afar and quite often mirror for you, demonstrating the cwtch ourselves (Paul is hilarious when he demonstrates a bride pose!). It's all about getting your best shapes and your own unique cuddles.

Every wedding tells a wonderful story and we'd love to be part of helping you relive and retell yours for years to come...'

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Ah what the heck, a little bit of google keyword enhancement never went amiss... so this is the bit where we tell you about us being Cardiff Wedding Photographer (with an s)! Yes, wedding photographers cardiff, is another tag we have used. All of this is to help you find us when you are searching google. Sometimes we list venues, like this, we have photographed weddings at Miskin Manor. We are also Hensol Castle Wedding photographers. It's an absolute joy to photograph a wedding at Llanerch Vineyard and we are delighted that we will be there later this year. Another first for us this year is photographing a wedding at Oldwalls! I don't know how we have managed to be working in this industry for ten years together without being Oldwalls Wedding Photography experts!! That's enough for now, more wedding photographer cardiff links coming this way soon!