Wedding Guide

Our unique approach to your amazing day of photography
This guide gives you information about our approach and how that affects you. We want your day to be exactly that, yours! We don’t insist on you doing what we want, we find out what YOU want and then work within your requirements. For us, each wedding is unique, it isn’t a paint by numbers exercise and we have over 12 years together in this industry with a combined time of over 32 years in the wedding industry.
We aim to make your wedding photography unique and will work with your personalities to make sure that’s the case. If you like formal, we can do formal, if you want totally reportage (fly on the wall) we can do that, in reality, most people are somewhere in between, some staged(ish) photographs and some completely as they happen. It makes your day … your day!

We will do our level best to be there for you and to help you and your guests have an amazing time. Enjoy browsing our wedding guide, it’s there to give you ideas and to hear what some of our previous clients think of us.

Look our for our rather unique ticklist system from page 11-13… it makes life SO much easier.

Most of all, enjoy, like your day, we want this to be simple, painless, memorable and fun.


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