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Your memories are too important to risk just anyone photographing them…


‘Hi, Jacs and I are professional, full-time photographers here in Cardiff. We love what we do, we love what we get to capture and we love everything about photography, whether we are photographing a gorgeous wedding, a proudly pregnant mums bump or the cutest of newborn babies!’

Wedding Photographer Cardiff

When you think about your wedding day, I bet you don’t think “Oh wow, I want a massive photoshoot and to hardly see my guests!”
We believe it’s more about the emotion, catching up with friends and family, putting your hand in the hand of the one you love and having the best day of your life. We think the same! You needn’t worry, we can be there for your whole day, and will capture the fun, the emotion, the timeless moments that you will miss otherwise.

Bump Photography Cardiff

Then there is that special time when you know you are going to be a mother – the unavoidable 9 month build up to the most amazing thing you can do! Right near the end, when you look more beautiful than you know, we show you, it’s the beginning of the little life that will change your life forever!

Newborn Photographer Cardiff

Then, the journey continues, we love to capture the spirit of your newborn baby.  One thing to bear in mind though is this, we have been professionally trained in the handling of an infant in the safe practice of photographing babies.  We are a part of a growing community of Newborn Art photographers across the UK.  We take pride in the training we have had and that it’s ongoing.  Every month we have a one day training update ensuring we apply the incredibly high standards expected of this group.  We know that this will give you the same level of comfort knowing we know what we are doing that it does for us.

Photography is an art, capturing moments comes from experience and making people feel good about it all is just personality. If you like us, and want us there for your amazing wedding day, or to be a part of the beginning of your growing family, let us know.

Give us a call and lets get together over a cuppa and a smile.’


If you would like to get in touch to have us as your photographers, either fill in the form or call us on the number below. If you would like to email, we do our level best to respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t had a reply from us within the 24 hours, then maybe your message didn’t get through.
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For some reason, I hadn’t thought of it but of course, we should list here (with links?) all the venues we have worked at and if possible we will put a link to photographs of that venue that we have specifically photographed. So, here goes (please drop back to see us, this list will be growing as we can get the time to add to it).

We have photographed at the following locations:
Miskin Manor And these are our photographs HERE

St Pierre and again, our photographs can be seen HERE

Llansantffraed Court Hotel and once again, Our Photographs

Our photographs at Hensol Castle and then the official Website

Another of our favourites is De Courceys Manor and here are Our Photographs

Oh and of course The Vale Hotel

We also photograph at Pencoed House Estate a beautiful venue with gorgeous grounds.

One of the hidden gems with outstanding views over a lawn and a fabulous staircase is Coed Y Mwstwr

I should say, we do have photographs for each of these venues, just haven’t loaded all of them yet.  Did you notice it’s a relatively new website?

I know… here’s a blog with a photograph from Pencoed House just to show we have more than just the albums page… HERE!

We absolutely loved photographing a wedding at Clearwell Castle – it’s a beautiful location and just amazing.  Have a look at a few images: HERE

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