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Your memories are too important to risk just anyone photographing them…

Wedding Photographer Cardiff

‘Hi, Jacs and I are professional, full-time photographers here in Cardiff. We love what we do, we love what we get to capture and we love everything about wedding photography, photographing bumps and the cutest of babies!

When you think about your wedding day, I bet you don’t think “Oh wow, I want a massive photoshoot and to hardly see my guests!”
I bet it’s more about the emotion, catching up with friends and family, putting your hand in the hand of the one you love and having the best day of your life. We think the same! You needn’t worry, we can be there for your whole day, and will capture the fun, the emotion, the timeless moments that you will miss otherwise.

Then there is that special time when you know you are going to be a mother – the unavoidable 9 month build up to the most amazing thing you can do! Right near the end, when you look more beautiful than you know, we show you, it’s the beginning of the life that will change your life forever!

Then, the journey continues, we love to capture the essence and spirit of your newborn baby and hopefully through their years.
Photography is an art, capturing moments comes from experience and making people feel good about it all is just personality. If you like us, and want us there for your amazing wedding day, or to be a part of the beginning of your growing family, let us know.

Give us a call and lets get together over a cuppa and a smile.’


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